Sunday, 11 December 2011

Types of heat exchangers

Shell and tube heat exchanger

 Shell and tube calefaction exchangers abide of a alternation of tubes. One set of these tubes contains the aqueous that charge be either acrimonious or cooled. The additional aqueous runs over the tubes that are actuality acrimonious or cooled so that it can either accommodate the calefaction or blot the calefaction required. A set of tubes is alleged the tube array and can be fabricated up of several types of tubes: plain, longitudinally finned, etc. Carapace and tube calefaction exchangers are about acclimated for high-pressure applications (with pressures greater than 30 bar and temperatures greater than 260 °C).2 This is because the carapace and tube calefaction exchangers are able-bodied due to their shape.

There are several thermal architecture appearance that are to be taken into annual back designing the tubes in the carapace and tube calefaction exchangers. These include:

Tube diameter: Using a baby tube bore makes the calefaction exchanger both economical and compact. However, it is added acceptable for the calefaction exchanger to abhorrent up faster and the baby admeasurement makes automated charwoman of the abuse difficult. To abound over the abuse and charwoman problems, beyond tube diameters can be used. Thus to actuate the tube diameter, the accessible space, amount and the abuse attributes of the fluids charge be considered.

Tube thickness: The array of the bank of the tubes is usually bent to ensure

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