Sunday, 11 December 2011

Plate heat exchanger

Another blazon of calefaction exchanger is the bowl calefaction exchanger. One is composed of multiple, thin, hardly afar plates that accept actual ample apparent areas and aqueous breeze passages for calefaction transfer. This stacked-plate adjustment can be added effective, in a accustomed space, than the carapace and tube calefaction exchanger. Advances in gasket and brazing technology accept fabricated the plate-type calefaction exchanger more practical. In HVAC applications, ample calefaction exchangers of this blazon are alleged plate-and-frame; back acclimated in accessible loops, these calefaction exchangers are commonly of the gasket blazon to acquiesce alternate disassembly, cleaning, and inspection. There are abounding types of assuredly affirmed bowl calefaction exchangers, such as dip-brazed and vacuum-brazed bowl varieties, and they are generally defined for closed-loop applications such as refrigeration. Bowl calefaction exchangers additionally alter in the types of plates that are used, and in the configurations of those plates. Some plates may be formed with "chevron" or added patterns, area others may accept machined fins and/or grooves.

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